“President Biden, Congress, politicians, tell us recovery is at hand but – unless you trust politicians – you can hear a distant rumble of thunder.


We have to stop this storm before it turns into a hurricane but politicians can’t do that. It takes leaders with common sense, who’ll tell politicians:
'No more. Enough. Stop.'

– Andy Wells

Andy Wells for Governor. Conservative.

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VinFast Subsidies

The state’s handing a billion dollars in corporate subsidies to VinFast – a Vietnamese corporation. That’s wrong. And I’m against it. Mark Robinson, my opponent, didn’t try to stop that giveaway as President of the Senate – he was missing in action. He still is.

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Gas Prices

Newsmax just reported, “The national average for gas prices stood at $3.83 a gallon last Friday – about 30 cents higher than that seen a month ago, according to motor club AAA.” At the same time, politicians are telling us the economy is recovering. Who can you believe? Politicians? Or…

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Watching Political Showmen

Washington politicians attacked each other over the debt ceiling bill. Cut a deal. Spending went up. Debt piled up. And Fitch Ratings lowered the government’s credit rating. What did politicians do? They attacked Fitch. Now a major bank analyst tells us debt is about to get a lot worse –…

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Emperor Has No Clothes

Nearly two centuries ago, Danish author Hans Christian Anderson wrote The Emperor’s New Clothes. Two conmen promised an emperor a magnificent new suit made of cloth from Tibet. He fell for the con. Handed them money. Got no clothes. Nowadays, lobbyists whisper to politicians, lobbyist’s clients subsidies and grants from…

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What Can a Governor Do To Weather a Storm?

During an economic crisis you need both feet planted on solid ground. Need proof? Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) climbed out on a limb, the economy snapped, the limb snapped, in the blink of an eye SVB collapsed. First Citizens Bank doesn’t climb out on limbs. And by standing on solid…

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Our Mountain of State Debt

You don’t hear politicians talk about it much but the state Pension Fund has a huge debt. Years ago, at the end of the last century, with the economy booming politicians – in addition to raising government employees’ salaries – offered employees generous pensions. Some of that was due to…

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New Problem: Housing Shortage

These days most Americans say our country’s headed in the wrong direction – and when they say that they mean people are having a hard time making ends meet. Now it looks like we face a new problem: A housing shortage – not due to lack lumber or homebuilders but…

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Politicians in Raleigh are out to pass a bill to bring casinos to North Carolina. That’s not a good idea. I’m against it. Mark Robinson, my opponent, didn’t try to stop that bill as President of the Senate – he was missing in action.

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Just What We Need, More Billionaires

You hear a constant whining from politicians about wealth disparity – but the fact is politicians gave us wealth disparity. During Covid politicians went on a spending binge – spent trillions they didn’t have, borrowed (printed money is a better description) to pay for their spending. Next inflation soared. And…

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- Andy Wells

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