Emperor Has No Clothes

Nearly two centuries ago, Danish author Hans Christian Anderson wrote The Emperor’s New Clothes. Two conmen promised an emperor a magnificent new suit made of cloth from Tibet. He fell for the con. Handed them money. Got no clothes.

Nowadays, lobbyists whisper to politicians, lobbyist’s clients subsidies and grants from government, and anyone who stands up and says, Stop, gets pummeled.

And pummeling works.

But, in fact, the emperor still has no clothes.

After politicians added trillions to the federal debt, Fitch, a respected rating service, downgraded the federal governments credit rating – and added that ‘politics is broken.’ Which is another way of saying politicians have no clothes.

What happened?

Fitch got pummeled. By Biden’s Treasury Secretary – who then set out to add another trillion dollars to the debt in the next three months.

Is politics broken? Does the emperor have no clothes? You bet.