Letter to Mark Robinson – Balanced Nutrition

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson
Friends of Mark Robinson
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Charlotte, NC 28247

October 16, 2023

Dear Mark:

Campaigning you like to tell how you ‘grew up poor’ and that helps you understand the struggles of working families – you said it in your video when you announced. In the same video you also said, “I own a small business with my wife.”

Brant Clifton, who heads the conservative news website Daily Haymaker, has published several reports about your family business – one said it has been paid over $4 million dollars by the state. Is that true?

Since you set up your business as a nonprofit charity, not a for-profit company, its tax records are in the public domain. Mr. Clifton reviewed the filings and reported they are misleading: Your family business – Balanced Nutrition, Inc. – told the IRS that no ‘officer, director, trustee or key employee had a family relationship or a business relationship with any other officer, director, trustee or key employee.’ But, in fact: (1) two of three members listed on its board are your sister-in-law and son-in-law; and (2) your wife, mother-in-law, and son have been paid salaries by Balanced Nutrition. Is Mr. Clifton’s report correct?

The state pays your business to handle state food care programs in Guilford County. As Lt. Governor, you’re President of the State Senate which passes the budget for the state agency that has paid your family business millions of dollars. Is that a conflict of interest?

Brant Clifton, in his reports, has raised serious questions. To avoid misunderstandings, I hope you will lay the facts on the table.


Andy Wells

cc: Mark Walker, Dale Folwell, Jesse Thomas, Media

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