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NC Innovation

Politicians in Raleigh are out to pass a bill that gives 1.4 billion dollars to NC Innovation – so it can pass out subsidies to corporations. That’s not a good idea. I’m against it. Mark Robinson, my opponent, didn’t try to stop that bill as President of the Senate –…

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Another Problem: Labor

It’s good news that folks close to retirement feel they have enough savings to retire early. It’s bad news that ‘baby boomers’ retiring is creating a big labor shortage. That means prices across the board are rising. Which, in turn, is bad news for retirees: Rising prices means their savings…

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A Big Red Flag

John Hood, an old friend, was straightforward in his column NCInnovation Is a Bridge Too Far. The State Senate wants to hand $1.4 Billion in taxpayers money to NCInnovation – which in turn will pass out subsidies to corporations. John called that deal ‘decidedly anti-conservative’ and ‘a big red flag.’…

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Inflation: Prices went up – not down

This headline shot across the internet: Slowing US Inflation Eases Pressure on Households I confess, I’m a sinner. I’ve made plenty of mistakes. But when I read that headline – and the story beneath it – I thought: Don’t they teach math in journalism schools? My second thought was: Why…

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Another Storm Cloud

For years, while politicians spent money they didn’t have, to make their elite friends and donors happy they kept interest rates low. The result: We now have record high debt per citizen. Covid struck, politicians spent trillions more they didn’t have, inflation soared, politicians raised interest rates, and a new…

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Storm Coming

It’s an old story: Family businesses struggling to survive hard times after politicians bungled the economy. President Biden, Congress, political cronies, tell us recovery is at hand. But – unless you trust politicians – you can hear a distant rumble of thunder. When Covid struck, politicians spent trillions they didn’t…

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