Inflation Breeds Upheaval

Inflation is an easy way for politicians to manage the debt they pile up by spending money they don’t have – like the trillions they spent during Covid.

It works like this: Inflation shrinks the value of a dollar and that, in turn, shrinks the debt politicians piled up.

It’s an old story that’s happened over and over. You could have seen the same thing a hundred years ago in the Weimar Republic (which gave the world Hitler). An Economist headline recently roared Argentina’s 114% inflation is pushing Argentina to the right.

Inflation has spawned upheavals throughout history – that led to more government.

Government spending trillions, piling up debt, inflation soaring – those are problems caused by politicians. And now, posturing politicians boast they can solve them. But they can’t. Handing politicians more power is like trusting a doctor who tells you bloodletting will cure a disease – it won’t. But it can kill you.

Politicians create problems – that politicians can’t fix. To do that we need honest leaders with old-fashioned common sense, who’ll tell politicians, No more. Enough. Stop.