Just What We Need, More Billionaires

You hear a constant whining from politicians about wealth disparity – but the fact is politicians gave us wealth disparity.

During Covid politicians went on a spending binge – spent trillions they didn’t have, borrowed (printed money is a better description) to pay for their spending. Next inflation soared. And the value of a dollar plummeted.

What does inflation have to do with wealth disparity?

Here’s the missing piece: When politicians print trillions inflation doesn’t happen overnight. The next curveball is simple: Politicians pass out new money to rich elites who quickly invest it – before inflation erodes value of a dollar.

But by the time the ‘new money’ works its way down to the middle-class inflation has started – prices at the gas pump, in the grocery store, are up. A dollar buys less. So it’s worth less.

A rising tide does lift all boats but some boats rise quicker. And yachts rise quickest. And highest.

Politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders talk a lot about wealth disparity. But never mention the cause. Even worse, they never mention the cure. They want more government. But the cure requires less spending which means less – not more – government.

Politicians create problems – that politicians can’t fix. To do that we need honest leaders with old-fashioned common sense, who’ll tell politicians, No more. Enough. Stop.