Who Chooses the Christian Patriots?

Last Friday Mark Robinson told his supporters at a rally in Raleigh: ‘Tell our enemies this nation is not yours. You did not build it. You did not defend it and you will not own it. The Christian Patriots will own and rule this nation.’

So, who exactly are Mark Robinson’s ‘Christian Patriots’?

It’s not any religion that is not Christian: Not a single Jew. No Mormons. Forget about Hindus or Buddhists. Robinson cut them all out.

It’s also not all Christians – no, it’s only those Christians that Mark Robinson authorizes as his Patriots.

Is it right to tell a combat veteran that happens to be Jewish, Unitarian, atheist, or even Christian ‘you did not defend it and you will not own it’?

Is it right for you to tell people who were born in America and grew up in America that they aren’t part of America?

That’s a radical idea. Actually, it’s beyond radical. It cuts into the very foundations of America.

And this proposal is not some odd notion being shouted by a protestor standing on a street corner waving a sign. This foundational change in our country is being shouted by North Carolina’s Lt. Governor, the highest elected Republican in our state, who wants to be the Governor of North Carolina.

Ask yourself: How much damage could be inflicted by Governor Mark Robinson?

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