Too Much Government – Real Estate

Liberals believe more government is always better. They think that if a little government helps people, more government can help people even more.

Conservatives believe in less government. They believe that too much government creates problems and causes harm.
So, who’s right?

In bustling downtown Raleigh, where real estate can fetch millions of dollars per acre, a tiny rundown building sits near the historic Capital Building.







Although it has no official use, someone with the Secretary of State’s office, which is next door, described it to me this way:

“This building is severely run down, always trashed,  is regularly used as an area where the homeless sleep or go to the bathroom and constantly smells of urine.

Some of these folks are struggling with mental health and drug related issues. It creates a very intimidating situation for customers coming to create businesses or facilitate legal registrations or filings with the state.”







In other words, this dilapidated building is causing a problem for people doing official business next door at the Office of the NC Secretary of State.

Which gets us back to government solving problems.

The rundown building/homeless hotel/public restroom is owned by the State of North Carolina.

You would think being less than a block from the Governor’s office would motivate someone in state government to fix the problem. But years of complaints, to administrations of both parties, have changed nothing.

Government not only didn’t fix the problem – it created the problem. Chalk one up for the conservatives.

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