The Raleigh Swamp!

The bill was simple: It cut government regulations on small businesses (which Republicans liked); it fixed regulatory problems to help cities (which Democrats liked); and it helped small towns struggling to repair aging pipes and broken pumps that provide drinking water to families (which everyone liked).

After the bill sailed through both the State House and State Senate – with, for once, both Republicans and Democrats saying, Amen – it seemed certain to be signed into law.

But, then, the unexpected happened: Governor Cooper vetoed the bill.

Next politics broke out.

Questions like whether it was a good bill or bad bill fell by the wayside.

Not one Democratic Senator was willing to say to the Governor, Look, this is a good bill. I voted for it. No veto this time.

Politics won. And the bill bit the dust.

There’s not just a ‘Swamp’ in Washington.

There’s one in Raleigh.

And it’s time to drain it, too!

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