The New Monster

Inflation’s a nasty – and dangerous – word.

It means the money in your pocket is worth less today than it was yesterday. Gas prices go up. Food costs more. Your paycheck buys less.

Joe Biden says, It’s transitory…it’ll go away. Washington politicians point to long lines of ships outside harbors and shrug, It’s a glitch. It’ll straighten out.

But it’s a big mistake to bury your head in the sand. The Inflation Monster is real.

The first two Covid relief bills spent $3 trillion. The third bill spends $1.9 trillion. Trump signed the first two. Biden passed the third.

If a state spent money like that it’d have to raise taxes to pay its bills. But Washington doesn’t work that way – when Washington politicians spend trillions they simply print more money to pay for it.

And printing money feeds the Inflation Monster. Politicians printed trillions – and there’s no point mincing words: We’re going to have to pay a price.

When you walk down the aisle in a grocery store you stare at the higher prices of meats, eggs, bacon then, at the cash register, inflation bites you like a hidden tax.

Biden says, It’s transitory…

But inflation’s like Covid – when it breaks loose it wreaks havoc.

And if politicians – like Biden – go on spending like there’s no tomorrow the price we pay is going to be worse.

What’s the cure? Is there a vaccine that kills the Inflation Monster?

Stop printing money.

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