Senator Andy Wells to Run for Lieutenant Governor

Statement by Senator Andy Wells:

“Earlier this year, in a single month, 130,000 illegal immigrants poured across our border. But, here in North Carolina, Democratic sheriffs in our biggest counties refused to cooperate with federal law enforcement to deport illegals who were arrested for crimes. It’s crazy.

“Republicans in the General Assembly passed a bill to stop Sanctuary Sheriffs. But Governor Cooper vetoed the bill.

“Governor Cooper also vetoed the budget Republicans passed – because he wanted to spend more. A lot more.

“But, this time, there is good news: With no budget the State continues to spend the same amount it did last year. Spending can’t go up. So Governor Cooper can’t increase spending.

“I am running for Lt. Governor to stand up for conservative principles – for less government, less spending and for stopping Sanctuary Sheriffs – just as I have in the Senate.”

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