Politics of Fear

When enough people are immune, we’ll be free of Covid. That’s what’s called herd immunity. We’re not there yet but more people get vaccinated every day and some survive the virus and have immunity.

There’s also bad news: Many people, digging their heels in, say adamantly, I’m not getting vaccinated.

But consider this – if you refuse to get vaccinated, it doesn’t just affect you. Other people have to live with the consequences. Some don’t live.  As long as the virus has a breeding ground in human bloodstreams Covid doesn’t go away. Herd immunity remains an unreached goal.

Lt. Governor Mark Robinson, touching the fear of vaccinations, sowed a firestorm on social media…he told people any politician who urges people to get vaccinated “needs to be voted out of office.” (WRAL News)

But stop and think about that…Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Roy Cooper, Thom Tillis, Tim Moore, and Phil Berger all got vaccinated and encouraged people to get vaccinated.

Because they took the vaccine and suggested that others do the same Mark Robinson said they ought to be ‘voted out of office.’

Phil Berger’s a conservative who’s done more to cut government spending in North Carolina than anyone. Hopefully, Mark Robinson doesn’t want Phil Berger out but a desperate need for attention can drive some sticky rhetoric.

It’s time to put coronavirus behind us, and move on to a healthier place, but to do that we need herd immunity. Mark Robinson doesn’t understand that. Worse, he goes a step further to inflame fear.

Playing on fear to get attention may work politically. Just remember other people pay the price.


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