Political Correctness

Ted Shaw, the Chairman of the UNC-Center for Civil Rights, wrote an op-ed in the News and Observer Saturday and described the UNC-Center as working diligently “to dismantle… the legacy of hundreds of years of slavery.”

Sounds noble. But there’s a problem: The UNC-Center isn’t an academic Civil Rights Institute. It’s a political committee funded with state money.

For instance, it opposes charter schools.

Is that opposing the legacy of slavery?

Unfortunately, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has grown so politically correct it’s now out of step with the rest of North Carolina. The UNC-Center is one example. The University’s latest summer reading is another.

Did the Professors and Deans recommend that incoming freshmen read, say, David McCullouh’s biography of John Adams? No. Instead they recommended ‘How Does It Feel to be a Problem: Being Young and Arab in America’ by a professor at Brooklyn College.

For years, when confronted with this type of political correctness, the members of the UNC-Board of Governors have rolled over. But now, at last, several members of the Board have taken a stand: On the UNC-Center.

No leader at the university – whether they’re liberal or conservative – should be spending state money to advocate for a political agenda.

Let’s hope the Board stands up for that principle.

If not, perhaps Margaret Spelling, Carol Folt and the Members of the Board should be invited down to, say, Greenville to explain why they funded the UNC-Center’s political lawsuit against the Pitt County School Board. And cost taxpayer’s $500,000.

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