One Judge Stops Voter ID

It’s a hard but true fact: Unelected officials from federal judges to state bureaucrats overreach, grasping for power. But more often than not it just slides by – even when folks see it most don’t think it’s worth having a fight over. What happens next is no surprise: One overstep leads to another. After all, if you grabbed for power once and got away with it why not do it again?

We see it daily: An unelected official redefines a law or regulation to fit his personal idea of right or wrong and, without knowing it, starts down a road that leads to trouble. Surrounded by like-minded minions, all inside a cocoon, they never see they’re marching toward a tipping point, a moment when those who stood silent say ‘Enough’ because they’re left with no choice but to fight back.

On Election Day in November in 2018 over two million people across North Carolina voted to add a Voter ID law not to our state statues or regulations but to the bedrock of all our state laws – the North Carolina Constitution. Last week in Winston-Salem President Obama’s federal judge, Loretta Biggs, with a stroke of her pen stopped the new law.

Judge Biggs’ reasons? None were offered – just, stop it because I said so.

Two million people voted to pass the Voter ID law. And one federal judge stopped it.

I have to say, Enough!

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