Mob Rule

The video’s a shocker: It’s a picture of mob rule. Over in Chapel Hill last night. As policemen stand watching, a gang of protestors tie a rope around the statue and pull it down.

Chancellor Carol Folt has said she’d like to see the ‘Silent Sam’ statue taken down – and that’s what the mob did. UNC has a police department. Chapel Hill has a police department. Orange County has a Sheriff’s Department. But not one policeman tried to stop the mob. You have to wonder, Why?

Last year, in Durham, a mob pulled down another Confederate statue in front of the Durham Courthouse and, then, local government made a bad situation worse: Local leaders did nothing. No one was punished (despite the fact there were videos of the people who tore the statue down). Instead, Democratic political leaders in Durham sent a different message: ‘Destruction of public property is okay if it’s done by the people who think like us.’

Last night in Chapel Hill a mob had its way again. Standing up for law and order sometimes takes tough leadership. But Chancellor Folt, and Governor Cooper’s, vanilla statements in the press today were another wink and nod to the protestors – so I have to ask a blunt question:  Chancellor Folt, why did the UNC policemen, who work for you, stand by and allow a mob to destroy the statue?


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