In Pursuit of Tweets

A hot-headed young Democratic Senator baited the trap and an old Republican bear fell for it.

A little less posturing by the Democrat might have been kinder but kindness doesn’t count for much on social media; he was out for clicks and meaner works better.

So, he posted a video on Twitter showing his screamed tirade on the Senate floor, followed by the old Republican’s muddled answer, followed by nervous laughter from State Senators who’d just witnessed the latest political spectacle in Raleigh.

And that wasn’t the whole story.

The young Democrat had edited what happened next out of his tweet: The immediate, and thoughtfully gentle, reminder from the Senate President, Phil Berger, to both combatants that they had just violated the Rules of the North Carolina Senate.

In the final days of the Senate Session tirades and tweets ruled. And civility flew right out the window.

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