Crisis in NC

It’s a time honored political tradition: When you’re losing an argument on logic, crank up the volume – because, sometimes, he who hollers loudest wins.


That theory came to mind when I read a member of the Governor’s cabinet claiming the end of the state tax credits for historic renovation was a “crisis.”


I can see the Islamic State beheading innocent hostages, or kidnapping a school full of girls so they could be sold into slavery, or a Category 4 hurricane hitting the NC coast as a crisis. But to call the demise of a tax loophole a crisis seems a bit of a stretch.


Let’s take a step back and look at this logically.


The Republican legislature eliminated this loophole in order to cut taxes across the board to create jobs. Do we want to head back down the old road to millions in loopholes for special interests and higher taxes for all businesses?




The logic is simple: We’ll create more jobs by reducing loopholes for special interests and, instead, cutting tax rates for everyone.

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