Building on Sand

Two thousand years ago Jesus told us a profound truth: Build on rock not sand. That truth applies to everyday life, faith, and even politics.

We’ve just watched a political catastrophe in Afghanistan. And it sure looks like we built on sand.

For years we’ve said, America does not negotiate with terrorists. Since you can’t trust terrorists’ promises that makes sense – it was building on rock. But then, President Trump and President Biden both headed down a different road. They decided to negotiate with the Taliban, a terrorist group.

Trusting terrorists’ promises sowed the seeds of the disaster we just watched. It is disappointing that President Biden chose that path. But it wasn’t just Biden’s mistake. President Trump chose the same path. He negotiated with the Taliban and signed the agreement.

Now the Taliban’s back in power in Afghanistan. And America is less safe.

A candid acknowledgement – from either Biden of Trump – that building on sand (by trusting the Taliban) was a mistake would be refreshing. But, instead, we have Biden blaming Trump and Trump blaming Biden. Even though both made the same mistake.

That leaves a question on the table: Will our country repeat the mistake of building on sand?

That’s a good question to ask our Senate candidates, Pat McCrory, Ted Budd and Mark Walker: Is the Taliban a terrorist group? Did President Biden and Trump make a mistake by negotiating with terrorists? Will you negotiate with terrorists?

Before the election rolls around it would be good to hear their answers to that question.

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