Broken Politics – On the Left

Here’s one reason people are disgusted with politics.

Earlier this year, I introduced a bill in the Senate that said two things: Teachers should not engage in partisan political activity – like supporting a political candidate – during official working hours, and should not use school equipment or supplies for partisan political activity.

That didn’t seem controversial but the NCAE union opposes my bill.

After the bill passed the Senate, the union went to work to defeat it in the State House, telling teachers “there are still many serious questions that remain unanswered about how this legislation will impact educators.”

Next, a local union president took that half-truth and told teachers, “This bill doesn’t just prohibit campaigning during school hours or with school equipment, it seems to also prohibit political activity in general…”

Now, in fact, in plain English my bill states that teachers have a right to support any political candidate they want on their own time, and prohibits supervisors interfering with that right.

And that’s an example of how politics falls apart.

A special interest lobbyist twists the truth. Then one of their union leaders twists it a bit more. And, before you know it, what’s being said is the direct opposite of the truth.

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    Andy thank you.
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