A Little Humility

I would like to answer Rev. T. Anthony Spearman’s commentary in the Hickory Daily Record on February 25, 2014.

Reverend Spearman argues Republicans are, somehow, against the poor and vulnerable and, so, are immoral and at odds with the teachings of the Bible.

Now, political leaders wrapping themselves in the Gospels and claiming those who disagree with them are ‘immoral’ is not a new phenomenon. But, in fact, what Rev. Spearman is doing is arguing his opinions are moral and anyone who disagrees with him is immoral.

But is it ‘immoral’ to believe – as Republicans do – that government is not the answer to every problem? And that more government will not cure poverty? Because that is the heart of Rev. Spearman’s disagreement with Republicans – our belief in less government.

Spearman argues that when Republicans vote for less government, they are voting against the poor. But is that so?

Five decades ago, in 1964, government declared war on poverty. Since then, we’ve spent $20.7 trillion to eliminate poverty. And, fifty years later, the poverty rate has not gone down. President Obama spent a trillion dollars on a big government ‘Stimulus Plan’ to create jobs – and it failed. So is more government really the cure to poverty? Or unemployment?

Rev. Spearman’s answer to that question is Yes, absolutely – then he (and Rev. Barber) go a step further and brand conservatives as immoral or evil.

I’d be the first to admit Republicans are not perfect. But, it’s equally true that Rev. Spearman does not have a monopoly on ‘doing God’s bidding.’ There’s a missing piece in Rev. Spearman’s commentary – a bit of old-fashioned virtue that can make all the difference: Humility.


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  1. John Womack says:

    Government is not THE answer to our problems but it IS part of the treatment. Together with a free enterprise system and a well-regulated corporate structure, and a publicly-owned part of our cities, states and nation we can reach a workable process to deal with our constantly changing world. There are no “solutions” because nothing remains permanent, but we do need a process and a procedure to collectively deal with our problems. For more on this see http://www.lulu.com/us/en/shop/john-womack/capitalism-servant-or-master/ebook/product-20251807.html

  2. Michael Crist says:


    Do you have a link to the HDR article? Was it online or in the actual newspaper? I’m having trouble finding it at their site.

    This is the first I’ve heard about “Moral Monday”.

    Rev. Spearman’s comments are difficult to read because of the excessive use of quotation marks, and phrases such as theo-politics.

    As an aside… Lincoln’s quote, “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution”, seems more appropriate when discussing possible impeachment proceedings for BHO.

    I would like to say though that the legislature’s decision to pass a bill radically altering NC UIC, and the governor’s subsequent signing of this bill into law, WAS in line with Rev. Spearman’s general suggestion that the Republican controlled government in Raleigh was “kicking those already down on their luck”.

    This WILL have consequences at the ballot box.

    Political victors must govern ALL, and NOT just those who elect them, claiming some sort of “mandate”.

    Govern from the center (or in your case… center right).

    Otherwise we risk the perpetual seesaw between conservative & liberal administrations.

    It is this tendency which has the effect of creating “insane policies… tearing up this nation”.

    The arrogant attitude of the Bush Administration and the Republican controlled Congress helped the current sphincter become president.

    Newton’s third law of motion says “for every action… there’s an equal & opposite reaction”.

    Let’s keep that in mind (please) when legislating.



    • Michael Crist says:


      I encourage all Republicans to embrace “compassionate conservatism” [see Wikipedia].

      Ronald Reagan & Mike Huckabee are examples of Republicans possessing very strong conservative values, while never losing sight of the fact that all Americans are human, and in need of assistance once in a while.

      The concept of compassionate conservatism simply dictates that the methodology for resolving these social problems isn’t necessarily within the responsibilities of the government.

      Expecting the government to resolve ALL PROBLEMS on our behalf is nothing less than socialism, trending towards communism.

  3. YDGC says:

    Mr. Wells’ claim that the poverty rate has not declined since President Johnson’s War on Poverty is misleading. In fact, in the decade following increased spending on healthcare and food security, the poverty rate fell to a record low. The reason we see the poverty rate so high today is due to the loss of political will to support these programs.

    It isn’t the poor who are depriving you of happiness. You and I are in the same boat together. It’s time that we ask those with secret off-shore bank accounts to share in the sacrifice that makes America great.

    U.S. Census Bureau -http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/50/Number_in_Poverty_and_Poverty_Rate_1959_to_2011._United_States..PNG

    Daniel Foster

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