NC’s Great Divide and the Swamp

There’s a lot of talk about the urban-rural divide in North Carolina. But, as you can see below, when it comes to jobs, it’s more a divide between Charlotte/Raleigh and everywhere else.

Then, Governor’s Cooper’s administration broadens the divide by snagging a $19 million federal grant for… Raleigh. While grabbing $19 million in Federal tax dollars may sound good to some folks, Gov. Cooper directing the TIGER (Transportation Infrastructure Grants for Economic Recovery) funds to Raleigh meant they could not be used in less advantaged areas where infrastructure to create jobs is needed most.

President Trump wanted to end the TIGER program. Congress wouldn’t agree. Washington sends an economic recovery grant to the fastest growing area in the state. Credit goes to the local Democratic Congressman. Governor Cooper moves money to the area with the largest vote in the Democratic Primary.

That’s one more good reason to drain the swamp.

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